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Optimise your conversion with payment orchestration

Magnius is offering a white label Intelligent Payment Orchestration Platform for Merchants, PSPs and acquirers allowing them to optimise conversion, reduce fraud, and minimize IT costs up to 75%. 


Enabling a state-of-the-art payment orchestration operation

Magnius acts as a technology partner, delivering its payment orchestration platform, both in the Software-as-a-Service model and as an enterprise solution. Our platform is typically used for running a full PSP or merchant operation, to enter new markets and countries or for prototyping new payment technologies.

Fully white label payment orchestration

We can provide you with our payment orchestration platform, with your brand in it. Finetuning, training and customization is an ongoing service where we assist you at any time.

75% cost reduction

We host and manage the platform for you at a 99.99% availability; you serve merchants and operate the platform while avoiding the need for scarce and expensive IT experts and Infrastructure Operators.

Actionable insights

Actionable insights allow you to act instantly on declined or abandoned transactions and with refunds or chargebacks.

Minimal human activities

We automate as much as we can, like onboarding/KYC, reconciliation, periodic omnichannel reporting, insightful dashboards, AML warnings, release management and many more.

Fully compliant & minimal fraud

You can tag transactions, define risk profiles per merchant (SIRA) and connect to a variety of external sources via our API to monitor your merchants and all transactions according to your risk appetite.

All payment products you need

More than 250 payment methods are available, and we like to add more according to your needs. Besides payment products we support recurring revenue, QR and other types of transactions.

15% better acceptance rates

We can offer a customizable checkout experience with all relevant payment methods and we can intelligently route transactions which will have a positive impact on your conversion rate.

30% transaction fees saved

By better fraud management we can reduce 3DS calls and chargebacks. And we offer you complete independency in choosing your payment connectors with the best authorisation rates and/or the lowest fees.

Completely white label payment orchestration

Launching an payment orchestration proposition has never been easier

Using our intelligent payment platform makes it possible for financial institutions, MSPs, ISOs and merchants to offer  omnichannel payments directly to their customers. Magnius’ Intelligent Payment Platform is easily connected to existing systems. By using our API we can connect you to every system you need.

Banks & Acquirers

Launching an online payment proposition within six weeks with more than 250 payment products.


Reduce your operational costs with 75% by avoiding the need for scarce IT experts and infrastructure engineers.


Complement your proposition with your own competitive payment orchestration platform and open up new revenue streams.


Drive your checkout page to perfection, increase your conversion rates and reduce your transaction fees.