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Start your own white label payment orchestration

The Magnius platform is designed by people from both the payment and the merchant industry. We will set-up your dedicated PSP platform and you will get features like merchant onboarding, 450+ payment methods, automatic invoicing and many more...

For developers

Simple & easy to integrate

Simply integrate all features through our RESTful API and get features like

Our platform

Build your own
payment operation

We have built building blocks on top of our processing engine to define the perfect payment operation you and your merchants are looking for. 

Our platform increases your payment capabilities, support growth without investments in development or infrastructure, while keeping risk in control.

White label platform

Our platform powers the creation and management of merchant accounts to result in a comprehensive offering of digital payments in your look & feel.

Cloud based

You will get a sandbox and a production environment. We deliver this typically on AWS on the specified URLs of your company.

Your design

Change the design of the platform at will. Your merchant will experience your look & feel.

Webshop plugins

Use our list of standard webshop plugins to let your merchants connect to our platform easily.

Integrity suite

Check and monitor merchants who are compliant and operating in a safe and profitable manner. We offer you an integrity suite of risk and dispute management tools, including a fraud detection engine, alerts, and decision making workflows.

Monitoring & alerts

Configurable alerts based on multiple parameters, triggered by transactional and account activities. Alert notifications are standard delivered with our webhook system.

Dispute Management

Chargeback reports provide a comprehensive overview with the ability to drill down and review specific issues.

Fraud detection & screening

Minimize the loss of  revenue and high operational costs to fraud.

Our fraud detection engine identifies, manages, and prevents suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent activity.

This can reduce fraud with staggering figures and puts you back in control.


Control all transactions

Really understand all your transactions. We make it possible for you to add any payment method you want, in any currency that you want and give you any transaction status whenever and however you want.

Alternative payment methods

Full support for alternative payments including PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and locally-preferred payment methods.


Transactions can be set per merchant per payment page in the currency they desire. You could be in control of Dynamic Currency Conversion.

Flexible settlements

Full transaction visibility from processing to payout execution. Settlement reporting reflects sales, fees and merchant payout

Audit trail

We collect all information per transaction status per merchant. This will give you the possibility to trace everything you and/or your regulator needs

Easily manage your merchant accounts

Merchant onboarding with minimal data, supporting fast growth while controlling risk and compliance. Firstly add basic merchant data, and then add additional information.

Payment profiles

Give merchants the possibility to add currency accounts.

Alert notifications

All merchant onboarding activity can be tracked and reported back to the platform.

Merchant onboarding

You can quickly onboard merchants on your site.

Unlimited hierarchy

You can make unlimited hierarchy levels per merchant account.

Automate merchant invoicing

Our platform powers the creation and management of buy and sell rates with your merchants to result in comprehensive invoicing opportunities.

Dynamic pricing models

We work with an advanced tool to enable your sales department with merchant specific pricing. Configure fees at the merchant level. Fees can be calculated as a percentage, fixed amount, or a combination of both.

Rate management

Change the sell rate per merchant per time period. Let your sales department be able to change rates on the fly.

Add subscription pricing

Define subscription models for your merchants and invoice them automatically in our advanced merchant invoicing tool.