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The newest innovations & releases behind payments

How to become a payment facilitator

As a Payment Facilitator using the Magnius Payment Platform you have the power to set-up merchants quickly, which streamlines new client acquisition since they don’t have to fill out paperwork or provide documentation in order to set-up their account.

New acquirer: Bambora

Since the start of Bambora, their mission has been to simplify payments for small and medium-sized businesses by changing the way the payment industry works.

New acquirer: Paysafe

Integrate with Paysafe as acquirer with the payment platform of Magnius has never been easier for all your online credit card payments.

We are nominated as Fintech Scale-up of the year!

The contest rewards the most innovative Financial NewTechs and the most inspiring Financial Institutions + Financial NewTech collaborative projects at scale. Submissions and voting are now closed.

Save credit cards for later use increases conversions

The credit card functionality on our hosted payment page and iframe is now extended with the functionality to save a card. By reducing the effort the customer has to make, the conversion rate of this particular hosted payment page will rise.

Credit card tokenization in our payment platform

Tokenization is a process of replacing sensitive data with non-sensitive data. In the payments industry, we use it to safeguard a card’s PAN. We replace it with a unique string of numbers.

Prototype innovative payment experiments with the Magnius Payground

Magnius Payground is a payment prototyping platform where you can simply add and experiment with new payments processes, products and features.

Why banks don’t need to buy or build, but to borrow their payment solutions

Our founder Lennart Koopmans was interviewed by about how banks should offer digital payments to their customers. Read the (dutch) article here.