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Traditional European bank

Dutch bank likes to add an online payments proposition


Attract and retain customers

A European tier 2 bank with a substantial customer base has difficulty to attract and retain customers. The main reason is the lack of an online proposition and strong competition from new online players.

“A true example of Open Banking and the power of APIs: a new offering ready fast is unique within our organization”

Proposition Magnius

Magnius delivered her platform to the bank and connected the platform to the existing back office infrastructure via APIs. The platform is AWS hosted and there was no need for onsite installations or integrations with any systems except the CRM-system of the bank. The CRM system was capable to interact via an API and the integration was easily done.

A brief training for the Product management and IT teams was sufficient to start with the basic set-up to serve the first customers. The administrative changes in contracts, marketing material were made after the MVP to take lessons learned into account.


The implementation did not take long and was according to the planning. After two weeks of training and testing with three merchant clients, the bank was able to serve their first customers.

The security and compliance officers are satisfied with the security and compliance controls.

The bank is now offering Online Payment Services directly to her existing customers which enables them in retaining more customers. The image of the bank has shifted towards a modern, customer oriented bank.

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