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Tokenization of card transactions

Product release update

Increase conversion rate by letting customers save credit cards for later use

We have extended our hosted payment page and our iframe solution with an exciting new feature. It is now possible to save cards for future use.

We use several ways to let merchants handle their payments. Our two most used tools are our customizable hosted payment page and our iframe solution for card payments.

  • The iframe solution enables the merchant to integrate the card form in their own checkout or payment page design.
  • The customizable payment page makes it easy for the merchant to centralise all payment methods on one page while having the flexibility to adjust it to their own needs by changing the design according their corporate identity. All in a mobile first design of course.

With this new feature, customers can finish their first transaction while saving their credit card details. The only thing the customer needs to do during future payments is to check the expiry date and type in the CVV code.

This functionality will reduce the effort the customer has to make, the conversion rate of this particular hosted payment page will rise.